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 12 Apr 2018
  • Yangon (Ragon)

Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. Yangon is lies in the fertile delta country of south Myanmar, on the wide Yangon River about 30Km from the sea, is the gateway to Myanmar. Evergreen and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks and beautiful lakes. Yangon has earned the name of ''the Garden City of the East.'' Founded by King Alaungphaya on the site of a small settlement called Dagon when he conquered Lower Myanmar in 1755. Yangon means ''End of Strife'' which was anglicized to Rangoon after the British annexed Myanmar in 1885. Towering almost 100 meters above the green city-scope of Yangon the luminous Shwedagon Pagoda is the landmark visible from miles around. One of the wonders of the world, the Shwedagon is believed to have been built more than 2500 years ago. Other highlights are the colossal Reclining Buddha of Chaukhtattkyee Pagoda, Kaba Aye (World Peace Pagoda) and the Great Cave, Nationa Museum, Inya Lake, Kandawgyi (Royal Lake) and the famous shopping centre Bogyoke Market.

  • Shwedagon Pagoda

The main attraction of highlights in Yangon is the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda, it towering almost 100 meters above the green cityscape of Yangon, it is one of the famous landmark in Yangon city, the pagoda itself is 326ft high, studded with 8688 solid gold plates and each is of 1sq ft wide, thousands of diamonds and precious colorful jewels are decorated on top of the Bud. It is said to be believed that the pagoda is built about 2500 years ago, it’s including one of the ancient pagoda in Myanmar, according to the legend two merchants went to India and meet the Buddha, The Buddha gave them eight sacred hairs from his head, when they arrived back from India, the king Okkapala greeted them and held a great festival in honor of the sacred relics. Visitors whoever stroll around the golden shrine on the platform, feels the sacred peaceful atmosphere of quietness, is so wonderful that will never forgotten.
  • Bagan

The ancient capital city of Bagan located at the central Myanmar on eastern of Ayeyarwady river, Bagan is the birth place of Myanmar Civilization. In 1044, King of Anawyatha constructed the first unified dynasty in the Myanmar history. It has called “Bagan Dynasty”. Bagan is the brightest ancient capital and Buddhism religious area, believes in Theravada Buddhism. In 1057 King Anawyatha constructed with over 2000 buildings in an area of 40 sq km, making Bagan one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia today. When King Anawyatha conquers Thaton Dynasty he bring a set of the Three Pitakas the complete teaching of the Bhuuha from Thaton. The pure Theravada Buddhism has become greatly prosperous in Bagan. At that time, every people was bountiful and national strength formidable in Bagan Dynasty, every family no matter rich or poor even widows can be donated and constructed the pagoda or temple, totally to build pagodas 4,446,733 in ancient time. Nowadays, there has many pagoda and preserving the 2,217 pagoda and also with momentous and strong historical background. The most attractive and interesting places in Bagan, such as Anada Temple, Thatbyinnyu Temple. Dhamayangyi Temple, Shwezigon pagoda and Sulamani Pagoda. In addition, the most famous Myanmar's handicraft - Lacquer ware was produced in Bagan.
  • Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Southeast Asia, located in the Southern Shan State, and amidst hazy blue mountains rim the lake on both sides, became a outrageously picturesque beautiful Inle lake, this 14 km waterway is home of the renowned leg-rowers,Inle Lake is indeed an inspiring dream for it is a journey beyond the sky and the earth. Silvery lake ,forested mountainside add just that extra special touch to your fairy tale romance. The serene natural beauty of the valley will fill the viewers’ mind with fantasy while the craggy mountains and the undisturbed calmness of this valley will just captivate your heart. It’s well known for its floating villages, colourful market , floating gardens, traditional handicraft , silver ware , lotus fabric and silk weaving. Beside the crystal scenery lake view, you could also visit the famous Ngaphe Chaung Monastery and Phaung daw Oo Pagoda, Inle Lake is one of the most charming places in Myanmar exhibiting a colorful array of magnificent scenery and interesting cultural life.
  • Kalaw

Kalaw is another popular hill station situated 70 km west of Taunggyi city, There are many of the Tudor-style houses and English gardens of colonial days remain. It’s still a peaceful and quiet place with an atmosphere remnants of colonial era. Kalaw is 1400 m above sea level with a pleasantly cool weather and is good place for rugged mountains scenery. It’s a good idea for trekking into the surrounding mountains to take a look at the life style of native hill tribes as Da-Nu, Pa-O, Pa-Laung and others. The road from Kalaw to Pindaya is really pleasant with panoramic mountain views, reminiscent of the ALPS in Europe. You will feel like you are arriving in Switzerland!
  • Pindaya & Pindaya Caves

Pindaya nestled at the bottom of some very imposing hills of Shan state. This delightful little town situated at 1164 m above sea level and is 40 km from Kalaw. The down centered round a lake called Nattamiekan or Angels Lake. The town's symbol is a spider, according to the legend, seven princesses bathing in the lake took refuge in the cave during a storm where they were imprisoned by a giant spider. This small town is famous for its caves (Pindaya Cave) which house thousands of centuries-old Buddha Images. The Pindaya caves along the cliff are believed to contain more than 8,000 images. The caves are set deep in the hillsides and there stands at the entrance, a 15 meter high Shwe U Min Pagoda. Here one can see many Buddha images made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick lacquer and cement which have been put there over centuries and arranged in such a way as to form a labyrinth throughout the various cave chambers.
  • Mandalay

Mandalay is located in central Myanmar. It is about 620 km north of Yangon and is reachable by land, waterway and flight. It is also the gateway to upper Myanmar. It is the seat of Myanmar handicrafts and culture. Mandalay is a major commercial center on Myanmar. King Mindon built the present Palace City in 1857. Before that time, it was known as Yadanabon, or the City of Gems. The city is now almost 150 years old. It is not only the principle center for Buddhism studies in Myanmar but also the heart of the various handicrafts. Tour highlights include fabulous Mahamuni Pagoda, Intricately carved Shwenandaw monastery is one of the few wooden temple left in Mandalay, which was moved from the palace ground to its present location in 1880. Kuthodaw Pagoda, known as the world biggest book for its 729 upright stone slabs on which are inscribed the entire Buddhist scriptures. Mandalay Hill, 230 meters in elevation commends a magnificent view of the city and surrounding countryside. The famous traditional handicrafts in Mandalay are wood carvings, silverware, tapestries, silk cloth and other traditional craft products.
  • Yadanabon Palace

In 1853, King Mindon wanted to build the new palace, after four years he started to found a city at the foot of Mandalay hill, therefore in 1857 started to construct the new town and was completed in 1859, named the new town for Yadanabon Palace. The shape of Yandanabon palace is a perfect square type, each length of side is two miles, the wall height 8 metres, and three metres thick at the bottom, tapering to 1.5 metres thick at the crenellated top, and are made of burnt brick backed by earth ramparts the width of around the four edges is 70 metres, the deep 3 metres moats and is refer that cannot be entered by attack. In 1885 the England armed force invaded Burma, Burma degenerates into England the colony, from this time on the dynasty destiny by brightly transferred gloomy, the precious imperial palace cultural relic suffers the England armed force plundering and the destruction. Japan seizes Burmese period also sets up the military compound in the palace wall. On march 17, 1945, under the allied armies intense fire bombing, the magnificent palace is burnt for the ashes, is only left over all around remnant wall and the moat. The extant imperial palace was round from 1989 ~ 1995 constructs, altogether turned round has constructed size palace 66, When tour imperial palace, the tourists may mount 33 meter high tower, this tower has 121 to revolve the steps and ladders, mounts the tower to go against the entire imperial palace panorama then to get a panoramic view.
  • U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge entirely length 1.2 kilometers. Constructed in 1849, the material quality completely selects the superior teak. Now it has more than 160 years historical. This bridge stretch across on the Taungtaman Lake. Tourists like to see that boatmen are padding the boat by means of pole on the graceful lake. At this bridge people to admire the sun set and the feeling of wood appear. The best destination which is the place for the couple. Therefore the bridge also names the sweetheart bridge.

  • Mingun

Mingun is 11 km upriver from Mandalay on the western bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river, the boat ride from Mandalay to go to the Mingun. The King of Bodawpaya who had planned the building of the greatest pagoda in the world, died before this magnificent work was completed. However, today it is possible to see the impressive remains of its foundations and the huge bell. Mingun this small town, the well know largest ringing bell weighing 55,555 viss (90.5 Tons). The 45 minutes boat trip to Mingun is a very pleasant way to see the life along the Ayeyarwaddy River.
  • Sagaing

This ancient capital of Sagaing lies 21 km southwest of Mandalay on the west bank of Ayeyarwaddy river. The Sagaing Hills offer famous religious retreats where monks and nuns go for study and meditation in over 400 monasteries. Nearby is Ywataung Village known for its silver craftsmen.
  • Monywa

This lovely town located in Sagaing Division and about 136 km northwest of Mandalay on the eastern bank of the River Chindwin. The Mandalay-Budalin rail line serves as one of the major transportation links in Monywa. The town is a major trading centre for the region agricultural produce. The impressive complex of the MohnyinThambuddhei pagoda is amazing, its brightly colored building make it wholly different from the other pagodas in the country. It is a Buddhist temple with a big stupa that resembles the Borobudur of Indonesia. This stupa dates from 1303, but it was reconstructed in the year 1939. It is said to have over 500,000 images of Buddha.

  • Pyin Oo Lwin (May Myo)

Pyin Oo Lwin, also known as Maymyo and Floral City, over 1000 metres above sea level, about 69 km east from Mandalay. a former British Colonial summer retreat. some of the typical Victorian cottages can be seen around the city. The famous Royal Kandawgyi Garden (formerly botanical garden), the Pyin Oo Lwin Market and Pwe Kauk Fall are popular sites. The Botanical Garden was first founded in the year 1915-16 by one British botanist named Mr. Roger who began collecting local plants and trees and cultivating them on 30 acres of land at the present site. Pwe Kauk Fall is about 8 km from town. It is also called Hampshire Falls in British times. It's a very pleasant picnic spot. Also famous for woolen products available at the fairest prices including the hand woven items. through the town Pyin Oo Lwin is an easy day trip from Mandalay
  • Ngwe Saung Beach (The Silver Beach)

A new destination on Myanmar's tourism map, Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) offers its visitors unspoiled beaches and tranquility on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It’s about 180 miles far from Yangon, which is belong in Ayeyarwedy Division about 5 hour's drive from Yangon, the main attraction in this new paradise is the beautiful unspoiled sandy beach and unique silence, it is a good place for drop all the din of the cities enjoy the nature silence. Along this silver coastline, you can enjoy the splendid suntan, the another good idea is enjoy a cup of coffee under the coconut trees. There are no loud beachside bars, no rows of suntan bodies basking in the sun and no vendors pressing you to buy souvenirs. Instead of only you will find the idle seaside character of the sea, the sand and the sun. Ngwe saung beach opens from middle of November to end of June.
  • Ngapili Beach

The beautiful Ngapali beach is located in Thandwe (Sandoway) which is belong in Rahkine State, about an hour's flight from Yangon, the swaying palms and coconut trees shaded whit long unspoiled beach stretching over 3 km along the coastline, there are not temples, this seaside retreat offers both the waves on the beach and solitude silence, also you can enjoy the splendid suntan and rich of sea food. That is an absolutely ideal place for everyone who loves sea, sand, sun or swimming. Beside the normal beach activities, excursions like visiting the small fishing villages and local markets; exploring the countryside by bicycle and a boat trips to the magnificent offshore islands can be experienced in Ngapali. There is also the 18-hole Golf Course just 15 minutes drive from the hotel to gratify the needs of beach golfers. Ngapali beach opens from middle of November to end of June.

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